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| Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Karnataka Diploma Carry Over System 2016 Apply Online

DTE Karnataka Carry Over System 2016 – 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Semester

The Directorate of Technical Education (DTE Karnataka) is located at Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. The DTE Karnataka was established on 1959 under the control of the Department of Public Instruction. The Department is ensures a planned development of technical education in the State consistent with the policies of the State and the Nation. Karnataka Diploma Carry Over System will help all the students who have failed in 10 or less subjects in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Semester and studying diploma course in 2015 academic year can get benefited and also get promotion from even semester to odd semester. Related information of Karnataka Diploma Carry Over System will soon available. Currently we have not any confirmation information regarding this system, you can check the official website (www.dte.kar.nic.in) for original information.

Official Website : http://www.dte.kar.nic.in/

Karnataka Diploma Carry Over System 2015-16


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  1. Irshad

    Respected sir,
    Please give us 12 sub carryover
    So we need to complete final year

    1. ram

      bro let’s strike diploma board

      1. sharana

        Really stike compulsory

        1. sharanabasava.

          Where strike

    2. gowtham

      Sir plzzzzzz give only, only 6 or else the syllabus will change… It will be tuf… Understand

  2. Sameer

    Sir please give any 6 but fast don’t waste time so that we can go to final year and attent the class

  3. Soni

    please introduce at least 6 carry over for final year’s
    think about them.. many have crossed age., now this not the age to study from lkg.. you’re doing good to know..
    if you doing justice then implement 4 carry only degree also..
    don’t play with these many student’s.. think if there future will spoil.. they will do good to none.. and you ppl will b the reason’.. because of you ppl there future will b like that…
    it’s so inhuman.. and 1st provide good lecturer’s in all college’s, with study material.. in other States 95% student’s will pass… and they are better compare to us…
    think why only in Karnataka student’s are struggling just to score 35.. think please think

  4. prem

    Sir plz.. give 10 carry over

    1. Mithi

      Sir yallarigu namaskara papa sir cbse syallabus agu final oguvarjge carry over kodri

  5. prem

    Sir plz give 10 carry over.. help full for many students its my reqvest sir plz plz plz plz….

  6. niraj

    DTe you’re so wrong you know because of you people I’m mentally tourched and so seek of your two 2 rs board.. why can’t you valuable paper correctly .. you ppl are cheaters .. now I’m in that condition that I hate all your judicery systems. .you ppl are fit for nothing .. you hav spoiled my feature .. now I’m no where..
    n I’m sure I’m not gonna do good for none .. nor I’ll vote in whole over my futures. ..
    I hate you dte ..
    If you can’t introduce carry over here then why you have given bunch of carry over for degree student’s. . now it’s all done..
    you hav spoiled many lives …
    and please don’t introduce carry for this 20 year’s be on your on real path.. else you are doing unjustice ..

  7. niraj

    Please think about us..
    restricting student’s just for certain carry over will do none to nobody.. This rule shuldd be made applicable only for medical and engineering branch’s not for polytechnic which is 10 and 12th based also similar to degree .. no government will want there people to stay uneducated .. then why this rule ?
    and for what purpose ?
    We don’t need bunch of carry over we just want to add 2 or more extra subject’s so it can benifit few good student’s who are good in studies .. and the 1st thing why you ppl giving chance for refreshers to get pass after they do well also there paper is not valid well.. even college’s does partiality is this what the education is about..
    They play with us in practicals in adding mark’s ..After doing vibha n showing out put also they add just 50 n there are student’s who get 80 without showing any out put.. This what today’s lecturer’s do..
    why can’t you inquari all this..
    Please you be kind and do help student’s by providing good lecturer’s. . n if you come across any thing like that about any lectures doing that with any student list ion to them. keep a Inquari for both parties …
    but 1st give us chance to study.. else will die.. please

  8. Pranesh B

    pls give the information for carry over system on 2015-16 year

  9. hanumanta

    please give us 6 subjects carry over system plz….sir

  10. charan

    Sir please give atleast 10 carry over.. Please help us.. So that most of the students can go to final year and they can build their bright future.. Please think about student’s life..

  11. Praveen

    Hi sirr the new syllbus coming fro diploma 15 me serise and 9me student are not cleared 2 Nd also plz give 10 carry our to complete the final year

    1. madhu

      Hii .I’m madhu from tumkur ..strick madbeku ..result bandmelii

      1. yashwanth

        Strike madtudira nangu information kodi nanu join agtini strike madona

      2. mounesh

        Hubli olage madbeku anta think nadisevi

      3. vikas kumar

        Hy bro yavaga kodthare carry over

      4. zak

        Hi I m.. Zak from bidar yavaga madtira

  12. ravi

    sir please give 12 carry over please help us and meny of the student eligible final year think about future of poor students please sir

  13. Praveen

    sir pls understand student problems…prathi college lu gunamattada shikshna sigtha illa vidyartigala jivana halagtide..for example nane..12 varsha kannada medium study madi diploma serkonde hengo 6 sub uliskondidini sir 2subject internal marks 5 ,6 kottidare avu 2:sub exam 36 bidru kuda fail agive gunamatt haalagalla sir final year entry ge atleast 6 sub carry ovr edodu nyayavadaddu dayavittu niv mansu madi vidyagalige neravagbekagi nimmalli vinanthi pls sir

  14. anu

    Plzzzz give the 6 carry sir plssssss

  15. sunil kumar.t

    Plzzzz 6 carry over I am promote final year

  16. manoj

    Plzzz5carry over iam promote final yamear

  17. Ansari Amanullah

    Respected sir
    Please give us 10 subject to cary over
    So we need to complete the fainal yaer

  18. salman

    Sir please give 10 carry over…I will make my life..sir pls ….

  19. manoj chavan

    Sirmedom plz 10 carry overi will make my life

  20. Gagan Ray

    Sir plz give us 12 carry over I want to go final year

  21. Ravikiran G s

    Sir please give at least 8 subjects the syllabus will be changed sir give the carry over save the students life sir I request u sir thanking u sir

  22. mallikarjun

    sir give atleast any 10

  23. Jayant

    sir plzz give 12 paper carry-over otherwise my life will be finished I’m 2012 batch student I got 2yrs detend in 1st yr and now I’m getting yr back again in 2nd yr so plzzzz sir I kindly request you to provide carry-over on 12 paper

  24. Praveen

    namasthe sir.. nam india da prathi rajyadallu carry over system jaari ide,,yella rajyada students munde hogtidare sir nav hindulitidivi please beda sir navu nim makkle sir nive nam belavanigena chivutabedi sir avakasha kodi sir dayavittu atlest 6sub kotre yesto vidyarthigala jivana kapadida hagagathe sir please nirdhara madi avakasha kodi sir atlest final year studentsgadru ondu chance kodi sir syllabus kuda change agide e sari ondu avakasha kodi sir please

  25. Naveen

    Sir plz give 10 subject sir plz
    stdent life and time wast sir plz give up sir because stubent draft the education sir plz understand

  26. Imran

    sir plz give me 8 carry over

  27. charan

    Sir, 75% of students who are studying diploma in SSLC base are detained in 2nd year only because of this syllabus. We cant understand this syllabus its not even related to SSLC subject and also we should not fail more than 4 subjects.. Why are you not understanding our feelings we want to finish this cource otherwise we wont get jobs.. Sir please understand our situation please give us atleast 10 carry over systems otherwise better cancel the carry over system.. Sir please cancel carry over system for every two years so that all detained students can go to fynal year.. Sir, Other than Engg all other degrees dont have this system even the students are PU based but we are SSLC based then how can we understand this huge syllabus and how can we study and how can we complete this cource?? Please cancel carry over this year otherwise give us 10 carry over subjects.. Please we are begging you.. Understand our pain and give us the best.. We are hoping for the best dont dissapoint us.. Its our heartily request for you.. Please..

  28. Bharath arav

    Sir just think of by ua self, many students are from villages ,they study in kan medium over der Nd direct on 10th base they CME to diploma, they r nt even able to understand wt is mvng on to d syllabus ,b4 undrstng itself they face exms then at hpns, see as abv my Frnd said in every all other states outputs r gud ,only in kar it is happening , OK v agree if u guys provide good lucturers bt u guys also know HW Mny part tym lucturers u hired, just don’t think in a single way ,take a vision from d side of students,problems they r dealing with Nd problem in d system…

    Many of friends made original diploma markscard by giving money bt wt abt d poor’s , Nd their future, fault is der in ua system , admit it…

    At one side from parental background they vl nt HV money to mke them study from initial ,on d other way d student vl b pressurised in all kind of way,

    Support Na sir ,think of parallel ,gve a quality education then if u make just 2 cryovr also no one is going to question u

  29. Harsha b s BETP

    Sir give us 10 carryover and save us plz plz plz plz plz plz……..

    1. Channabasava

      Sir please give 10 subject carryover sir please

  30. Sunil Kumar.t

    Respected sir plz 10 carryover entry in 5th Sem plz plz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sir

  31. praveen

    sir pls 6 subject kottu 25%vidyarthigala bavishvannadru kaapadi sir please sir

  32. krupa

    sir give us 10 cary over

    1. Prajwal

      Sir plz give us 10 carry over

  33. praveen

    hai friends i am praveen from haveri nange carry over news yenu gothagtilla nimmalli yargadru gothidre tilisi 7795050792 idu nann number pls inform madi

  34. priyanka

    Sir plz make at leat 10 subjcts for carry over …its our humble request…not every child can grasp the syllabls fast ….plz understand us ..plz do the needy

    1. Naveen


    2. Naveen


  35. Praveen

    7795050792 edu nann number frnds yargadru carryover bagge information idre just mis cal madi nan cal madi tilkontini ok

  36. praveen

    good afternoon sir pls carry over system bagge yenadru news kodi vidyarthigalannu tenshn free aagisi dayavittu carry over kodi minimum 6sub adru kottu 30–35%vidyarthigala jivana save madi please sir

  37. Darshan

    Sir please sir 10 carry over madi… Pls. Pls sir this carryover will make my life turn

  38. siddu

    east or west 6 is best give 6 subjects

  39. Vijay

    Respected sir plz 8 carryover entry in 3rd Sem plz plz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sir

  40. anilkumar

    Sir plz give carry over system . and save diploma students life….. this is my humble request sir . . .

  41. Shrinath kariholi

    Sir please give the 6 subject carry over system because of that so many students are comming in to the road every person is not rich …. Poor peoples are don’t hve any other way to to anything please once think about them help them to make their life bright i hope you people are undrstnd please sir its kindly requesting you

  42. sunil

    Hello sir pls give Cary over syllabus change this year after 5 year and Cary kotti 5 years hagythe so pls kodi edh all Karnataka students request madtherudhu

  43. keerthi raj

    Sir give us atleast 10 subjects Carrie

  44. yallppa kollkar

    Hiii frnds nimge ena adru carry over system bagge information gurtayita andre plz e no gecall madi just missed I will call u back 7204195322 .. Plz nanu final year entry agbeku adke frnds . sir plz esht y’all hudgru & hudger nimkade request madkutidre sir avrb y’all nima makkal anth tilkund carry over system anoce madi sir plz nimg punnya hateti sir plz plz

  45. Rahul


    sir plz give us 12 carry over i will cmplt my final year plzz sir requesting u sir I am handi cap students plz sir

  46. anilkhajuri

    please sanction any 8subject this is our life sir anil khajuri

  47. Praveen

    friends carryover system bikshe bedodu beda adu nam hakku horaadi padedukollona namanthvara kugu kasta dodd janarige artha agolla….strike madoke sajjaagi result bandmele…other states li carry over system ide friends namgeke anyaaya navu manushralvaa

  48. charlu

    Sir dis tym even the syllabus has been changed so sir please think abt the students whose life are just getting spoiled just by wasting a year sum people even start giving up on studies just because of getting year back so plz reconsider the carryover system sir many students lose their lives just coz of carryover system sir so plz consider all our requests and give us more like 7 carry overs sir

  49. Praveen

    ur right Yar I want to except that only dude

  50. Nithish

    Sir plz give us 10 subject carry over I am promoting final year plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz……………………………………………..

  51. Akshay Ankalagi

    Sir please sir 10 carry over madi… Pls. Pls sir this carryover will make my life turn…
    sir pls carry over system bagge yenadru news kodi vidyarthigalannu tenshn free aagisi dayavittu carry over kodi minimum 6sub adru kottu 30–35%vidyarthigala jivana save madi please sir…


    yaru worry aagbedi friends oggattinalli balavide result barovargu yelru samadanadind eri result bandmel nimm yella frnds gu helkond oggattagi prathi jille college lu nyayakkagi bittu bidade straik madidre carry over sikke sigathe….kodadidre nam janapriya nayakaru pradhan mantri NARENDRA MODI JI ge e vishya gamanakke taro prayatna madidre nammellara jivana nav kapadkoltivi..swayamm preritharagi yargoskaranu beda nimgoskara nivu straik madi result bandu 15dina prathi dina straik mado vishya spred adre carry over kotte kodthareno please yelru nim nim bagge care tagolli prayatna madidre pala sikke sigathe nambke kalkobedi

    1. Anil

      Awr kodalla bidrapa

  53. hanamanatappa

    sir plz give us 6 subjects carry over because my 6 subjects internal is fail marks is 05 four times I taken external marks is 36 37 39 my batch is 2011 series sir…..please give us 6subjects carry over system

  54. santosh

    Sir 10+ carry kodi plz….Dear friends yelru strike madok ready agi

  55. raj

    strick madidre kodabekalla.

  56. maruthi manoj

    I’m Manoj sir plz give atlest 6 sub carry over

  57. priyanka

    Plz sir we request u heartly to make 8 carry over subject

  58. premkumar

    Sir.give.the.6Carry.over. plz.sir.kannada.medium.batch.2013

  59. khaja

    Sir.givi.the.10carry.over piz.sir.

  60. Raghu

    Sir plz give 10 carry over

  61. Naveen

    Sir plz give 10 carry over save my life and not me only 30 students my friends life sir plz i havr complate 2 year
    plz sir give up

  62. Shivukumar

    Respected sir,
    Please give us 12 subject carryover
    So we need to complete final year

  63. Manjunath

    Sir pls give me 6 Cary over

  64. manjunath boruti

    Sr plz give carry on 10sub bcz syllabus changed plz sr plz

  65. Mahesh

    Sir plz give 8 caryy over we beg u plz sir our syllabus are changing plz change carry over system

  66. vinay

    Pls pls sir attleast 6 subject in carry over pls pls

  67. kaji amirul haque

    Respected sir,
    Please give us 6 sub carryover
    So we need to complete final year

  68. Abhishek

    Please give 10 carry over .because In our college student are getting failed in lab also

  69. Shubhash

    Sir please give 10 carry overs
    Understand the students problem

  70. Ajit

    Sir plz give 12 sub for carry over plz sir I I’ll go for final year soon

  71. Ajit

    12sub plz sir

  72. sakaram

    Sir I have need 6 subject cary over to complete my final year diploma so please give me 6 subject cary over

  73. Arun

    Sir plz give carry over system . and save diploma students
    life….. this is my humble request sir . . atleast give me 6sub carry over..

  74. Faizan ahmed khan

    sir i will reqwest u plz plz sir so so many problem have in my home sir and my father is have dath sir no any brother nathing have give my help so i reqwested sir plz give the 8 carry over sir so so so reqwested u sir plz help me

  75. Sandeep

    Sir plzzz give atleast 10 sub carry over… It wil helps more number of students minimum 50%to60% students build der features… Sooooo plzzz sir help the students……

  76. Prajwal

    sir plz plz give at least 6carryover to 5th sem students …..its waste of one year life of students ……plz grant me sir ….. this 5th sem is old pattern syllabus after one year it aslo changed ..So plz sir give at least 6 carryovers tnx u sir

  77. vishal

    Vishal ..namskar sir … namge carry over system kodri sir plz ega nanu back sub advri sir adk ninkde request madkutevi sir final year mugita andre mugut sir namd adke nav bhal garib adevri sir plz esht yall student request madkultra plZ avr mukha adu nodi onesalp vichar madi ade nima malka esht request madkundre avrigi niva kelidn kodteri adre nav nima makla anth tilkund namgu onechace kodri sir plz nima kal mugitev sir

  78. Prajwal gowda

    Sir. . plz.. Provide us at least 10 Corry overs to get admission for the final year student which helps all students . plz sir plzz

  79. samim

    When will be given carry over????plzzzz sir given 10 carry

  80. Bharath

    Strike madbek antha edhive plz support guys for carryover system
    Mob no 7259971432

  81. Nagaraj

    Sir plzzzzzzzzzz anounce the 10 carryover,sir plzzzzzzzz………

  82. vishal kamble

    Respcted, sir, nanu vishal kamble anth nanu ega final entry agbek ett sir adre 6 sub back ayitri sir adkagi plz carry over system kodi sir esht yall boys ,girls yall nimkde kelakutidre adke sir kodri sir nima makla anth tilkund esall carry over system kodri dayvittu nima kaina na kal anth tilkund kelkutideni sir plz adke nav nodidre bhal gariba adevri sir nam papa former adra sir avr nam barvse myali adari sir plz adke sir 1 chance kodri sir yall student pass hogtra ega syllbys change agide adke sir munde bhal tap agute sir adke plz plz plz plz carry over system kodri sir

  83. shoaib

    Respected sir plz 8 carryover entry in 5 Sem plz plz plzzzzzzzz sir

  84. shoaib

    Respected sir plz 8 carryover for 4 sem lg

  85. Srinivas sm

    Sir please help for my studyes give 10 carry over sir…i am poor sir i am studed in kannada thats way english is tought sir plz

  86. sandeep kondekar

    carry over 6 sub plz sir

  87. sandeep kondekar

    Plz give carry over in 6 sub

  88. sumanth

    Now the syllabus has been changed if I wait for ene year also den It will be imposible to complete diplomo in future..

  89. Darshan

    sir…. Please give us at least 6 subjects carryover….. lost f students are lost their hope on diploma, many of students are discontinued the course due to present carry over system to stop this please you should increase the carries please sir…
    give us at least 6 subjects carryover system…..

  90. nagesh

    director sir plz 10 & 8 sub carry over madi this carry over will make my life turn not only me sir nan thatra 13 jana frnds kaled 2 – 3 varsh dinda maneli eddare internel marks 5- 6 ede 35 marks 3 sala tagondru passagilla please 10 carry over madi nam jivana kapadi adu niv tagolo nirdar adariside please adastu bega anounce madi egagle class start agive baga nirdar tagoli sir nim reply gagi kaytivi nan no 8867345352

  91. Ramesh

    please introduce at least 5 carry over for final year’s

  92. bharath

    Respected sir, please sanction atleast 8caaryy over for final year entry

  93. suraj

    Give me Sir 13

  94. erick damin

    Give us 12 carry overs

  95. Ashwin

    GIVE us 12 carry over sir please it would be help full for us to go to 3rd year

  96. zak

    sir plz give us 10 carry over system so we need to complete final year sir piz piz piz………….

  97. suraj

    Plz give Sir…..13

  98. sharath

    atleast give 6 carry overs

  99. Arun

    Sir pls 1 sub pass aadare Nan fainal year entery aagateni so plz sir carry kodi plzzzzzzz

  100. kartik


  101. manish

    sir plz atleast 10 carry over system so all student go for final year & this is the last chance for old syllabus sir plz make the annoncement soon sir & frds u know any news about carry over system plz tel
    my no ~8904299128

  102. sir plz give 8 carry sir …..thanking u sir

  103. maning

    sir we are from village namage english astondu sariyagi barodilla so namage study madoku tumba kasta agutte adake navu final year hogabeku plz 10 carry over kodi sir niman sayo tanak mareyodilla artha madakolli sir namm kasta enu anta
    frds nimage enadaru mahiti iddre nan no ge miss cl madi frds plz ~8904299128

  104. Keerti

    Plz carry over kodi…
    Diploma yakardu madidvi ano hage madbedi plz …
    Diploma madidake na e mattake bande ano hag agbeku ,diploma madorge madu ano hage agbeku beda anno hage agbardu back uliyutte anta baya hutbardu.
    Plz sir carry over system kodi, nam jagadali nim maklu adar anta tilkondre nimgen madbeku anta got agute… Yaru fail agbek anta ankolala yavdo ond karanakkagi avaru exam sari agirodila,
    Plz….sraik madidrene kodbek anten ilvala plz …

  105. Anil

    ಹಲೋೋ ಸರ್ ವಿಧ್ಯಾರ್ಥಿಗಳ ಕಷ್ಟನು ಸ್ವಲ್ಪ ಅರ್ಥ ಮಾಡ್ಕೊಳಿ ಎಲ್ಲರನ್ನ ಒಂದೇ ತಕ್ಕಡಿಯಲಿ ಇಟ್ಟು ತೂಗೋದು ಬೇಡ ಯಾಕಂದ್ರೇ ನಮ್ಮಂತ ವಿಧ್ಯಾರ್ಥಿಗಳು ಇರ್ತಿವಿ ನಮ್ಮ್ಮ ಕಷ್ಟ ನಮಗೆ ಗೊತ್ತು ಸೆಮಿಸ್ಟರ್ ಶುರುವಾಗಿ ಮೂರು ನಾಲ್ಕು ತಿಂಗಳ ಒಳಗೆ ಮತ್ತೆ ಪರೀಕ್ಷೆ ಮಾಡ್ತಿರ ಏನ್ ನಾವು ಮನುಷ್ಯರೇ ತಾನೇ ನಮದೆ ಕಷ್ಟಗಳ ಮಧ್ಯೇ ಬದುಕ್ತಿದಿವಿ ಅದರೊಳಗೆ ನೀವೂ ಈ ರೀತಿ ಮಾಡಬಹುದು ಅಟ್ಲುಸ್ಟ್ ಸಿಲಬಸ್ ಛೇಂಜ್ ಹಾಗಿರೇದಕ್ಕಾದರೂ ಒಂದು ಅವರಾಶ ಕೊಡಿ ಮೊದಲನೇ ವರ್ಷದಲ್ಲಿ ಫೇಲ್ ಹಾಗಿದ್ದರೇ ಬೇಡುವ ಪರಿಸ್ಥಿತಿ ಇರಲಿಲ್ಲ ಎರಡು ವರ್ಷ ಮುಗಿಸಿ ಇನ್ನೊಂದು ವರ್ಷದಿಂದ ಜೀವನ ಹಾಳುಮಾಡ್ಕೂಕೂಳಲು ಮನಸ್ಸು ಒಪ್ತಿಲ್ಲ plz dayavittu arta madkoli atleast 8 sub hadru kodi plz plz plz

  106. Vijaykumar

    plz give 8 carry over system sir
    tumba help agutte

  107. Vijaykumar

    bere rajjya dalli carry over system ide so
    namma Karnataka dalli nu madi sir plz plz plz plz…..sir

  108. Ibrahim

    dear sir plz give 5 carry over bcaus i have failed in 5 sub plz plz plz

  109. Sneha

    Sir please give me carry over system…. hego final year complete madkolthivi sir

  110. raju

    plz give us carry over 7 subject plz plz plz.

  111. hema

    Sir please give any 8 but fast don’t waste time so that we can go to final year

  112. hema

    Respected sir,
    pls give the information for carry over system on 2016 year…fast don’t waste time

  113. martex

    sir plz give us carry over 10 subject plz plz plz sir

  114. arun

    sir plz give us carry over to complete our final year we have 5 backlogs and we are not able to go to final year we are from a backward family and my family is fully dependent on me

  115. arun

    due to syllabus change we cannot continue our diploma if we are yearbacked so sir plz give us carry over to complete our final year we have 5 backlogs and we are not able to go to final year we are from a backward family and my family is fully dependent on me plz sir thing abt our life

  116. Sneha

    Sir please carry over bega announcement madi sir diploma students life na save madi sir

    1. arun

      Plz nim frnds ge heli

  117. sunil

    Plzzzz sir … Jasti madari nam jivan jote ata adabedi plzzz sir esto Jana students gala bavishya carry over dind halaguttide…

  118. Nikhil

    Sir please 8 carry over announce please

  119. arun

    carry over 8 sub plz sir

  120. Avinash

    Sir Please 8 cary over system announce please

  121. Anand

    Sir please 8 carry over announce please…

  122. praveen

    yak sir estu yochne madtidira naavu kuda nim makle sir nam jivana nive kapadbeku sir navenu beku antha fail agiralla sir namde aada prblms erthave exam sari agiralla please carry over announce madi sir atleast maximum beda minimum subjects adru kodi sir pls life save madi

  123. Darshan j

    plz sir /madam,we r in critical postion plz giv 10 carry over subjects we will study hard for further plz plz we beg u

  124. manasa

    sir bega kodi carry over pls helar jeevana jote ata ado Tara ede estond Jana manege Mokha torsak agde sathogtre k revaluation akidru marks kodala bardidru kodala h revaluation padlu re exam anta kodi esto jeeva ulkotave pls 1 sala yochene madi sir nim ata mukya na jeeva mukya na anta pls sir begr announce madi

  125. manasa

    next year new syallbus sir pls try to understand people 1sala nam jagadli nitu yochene madi pls sir bega announce madi pls sir kai mugtivi bega announce madi sir pls nimna devru ankotare bega announce madi sir classes nedita ede next year new syallbus try to understand pls waste madbedi time na niv time maddastu eli jeeva gal ogtane ertave pls kai mugtivi bega sir

  126. harshitha

    bega announce madi sir yavaga announce maditara ad adru heli sir pls sir bega announce madi sir obru alta sapa akudre ha kann neeru sumne bidala sir yochene madi sir est Jana kann neer aktare anta pls sir bega announce madi

  127. yashwanth

    its really sir

  128. suraj

    Old syllabus Sir plzz….give sir 13 Sir present academic year ….

  129. ABVP

    Guys Who all are From Hubli Send me ur cell number

    1. maning

      bro please strike madi 8/10 carry over sytem siguva hàge madi plz i beg u

    2. Rakshith r poojary


  130. Kuber

    Pls heli sir carry over system kododar bagge swalpa est ond students Ega nimmane nambidaare carry over system kodtaare anta Avra aasena niraashe maadbedi sir at list any 8 subject aadru kodi hegaadru maadi pass aagtaare pls pls

  131. Shiv

    Sir plz gv 6carry for final years

  132. Sneha

    Sir website announce maadid hage college li bega announce madi sir

  133. Pavan

    Sir, please introduce at least 6 carry over for diploma final year’s
    think about them.. many have crossed age., now this not
    the age to study from lkg..
    don’t play with these many student’s.. think if there future
    will spoil… Syllabus also changed… Pls give 6 sub carry over to final year students…………….. Pls Pls pls pls. Thank you.

  134. Arun

    pls don’t delay….announce soon…give 8sub carry over…

  135. Praveen

    kotbidri sir yakistu mina mesha yenisthidira yesto vidyarthigala jivana kapadtira nimg punya bartade

  136. ishaq

    Sir plz give any 8

  137. Sharanu r halihal

    Sir please give 10 subject carry over system applied in diploma sir I am completed in diploma final year study & many many students too help us sir ……so please give carry over …………
    Thanku sir

  138. Sir plzzz 6 sub carry over

  139. Pavan

    Sir plzzz give at least 6 subject carry over plzzzzzzzzzzzz sir plz

  140. kiran

    Please sir give a 6 carry over sir because next syllabus is change

  141. Sir plz give 12 sub plz sir help it for our feature plz

  142. nagesh

    sir carry over system baga announce madi nav finel year ge hogbeku 6 sub back ulidide syllabus change agide cbsc agide adu namage set agolla bega anounce madi nam tension dura madi sir at list vishaya enantha media or news paper nalladru Tbilisi e lladre students jivana besara madkoltare sir enadru news horagade bidi classes start a give time waste madbedi please sir nirdarakke banni bega plz plz plz sir

  143. MD gulam Hussain

    Sir/medium plzzzzz isshu the 12 th carry over plzzzzz and do it soon i also want to attend the classes soo pllzzzzz do it sir

  144. yashwanth

    strike maditroru
    9036210380 e numberge call madi nanu join agtini plz call me

  145. yashwanth

    carry over kodbeku Andre message madudre kodalla frnds let’s come strike Diploma board elaru ivathe ogona banni frnds final year ogbeku antha idre banni elaru plz plZ

  146. Sneha

    Sir please delay madbedi sir already class start agide sir please i beg u give carry over sir bega announce madi sir nam life na save madrii sir please

  147. sarah

    sir please give as carry over fast plzz announce it early because calss have already started plz if we get now year back its very difficult we waste 2 years next year if enter final year also it waste because few subject are 4th sem only hoe can we study sir plzzz its humble request give carry over

  148. Appu

    Bro yeli strike madthira 9886613531 pls inform madi

  149. Yashwantha

    call me 9036210380

  150. Karthi

    Plz sir 10 carry over announce now class are started

  151. Yashwantha Yashas

    strike Madonna 9036210380 e numberge call madi

  152. Naveen

    Hello friends am from bangalore , i request the board about carry over to declare as soon as possible because classes are been started we have no idea to attend the class or not attend , if this time the Dte didnt give carry over but if next year we have the eligible for final year , then they will take classes for us . . Becz the syllabus already changed , so next year the new syllabus student will be in final year . . . . Plz announce about the carry over fast . . .

  153. muyeen

    sir please give as carry over fast plzz announce it early because calss have already started plz if we get now year back its very difficult we waste 2 years next year if enter final year also it waste because few subject are 4th sem only hoe can we study sir plzzz its humble request give carry over

  154. Vijaykumar pattar

    plz give 10 carry over system plz plz

  155. Vijaykumar pattar

    carry over system starts date yavag heltira ,sir
    plz sir we r waiting for your announcement, sir plzzz plzz 10 carry over kodi sir koti koti namana sallistini plz

    1. Vishnu badaganvi

      My number 8197406342 call madi plz
      Nimage carry system bage gothdare plz frds

  156. samim

    Plzzzz sir 10 carry come first……

  157. sunil ram

    frnds yar yaru stirke madbeku and already madtheruru pls msg or cal or whats up 8549072143 ge contact madi

  158. yashwanth

    frnds e number ge call madi strike madona 9036210380

  159. Vijaykumar s pattar

    friends yaarigarru carry over bagge gottidre so plz e number ge cll/sms maadi so plzzzzzzzzz.frndz

    1. Vijaykuma s rpattar

      my number is 8050793439

  160. yashwanth vasista

    sir plz 5 carry over am 3sem all clear 4th sem problem b’coz 3sub fail. &1 2 sem also1 sub back plz plz plz sir

  161. pujaar

    sir plzzz 10 carryover kodi sir,,,,we want to enter final year,,,bcz syllabus n u change agtha ide,,,,,,,,tumbha kasta agutte sir namage

  162. sarah

    sir plz announce about carry over early because class have started plz we are missing classes and at least putting for revaluation and stil result com let we attend classes also they are nt allowing as to attend if u announce about carry over early at least we can take next step wt to do plzzz think it over dnt spoil students life plzzzs its request because we are from poor family and just 10th base students understand our problems plzzzz

  163. Banadesh

    Sir, pls give us any sir subject carry over go to first your pls sir undestand students feelings this year give us tq sir

  164. Abhishek

    Please allow the carryon 10 or less than 10 subjects….that’s good for students feature life…

  165. sandeep

    plz sir 6 adru cary kodi sir… edrinda tumbaa bejar agide sir… nammantha yesto students e novanna anubhavista eddare sir… nan kuda edrinda tumbaane nov anubhavista eddini…. nan clsmats navru nammanna bitu bere final year ge hogvaga namge tumbaa bejar agtade sir… navenu read madade enjoy madta erlilla sir… bt yen aitho gottilla 1year loss aithu .. cary mele nambi nan life edhe sir…. plzz ondu reqst sir plxx 6 cary kottu nam life kapadi sir plzz …..
    eglu suffer agta eddini sir… plzz ondu chance kodi sir
    . plz plZ plZ.

  166. mamta

    Sir/mam plz plz plz plz carry overon 10 subject that’s good for students features life sir plz 10or less subject carry over

  167. Raksith

    sir give at least 6 carry over plz sir

  168. shoyeb

    Sir plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz give the cary 6 subject less then

  169. umesh bagalkot

    Sir plzz give 13 subject carry over system kodtiro illi helri jaladi illa andra nod matt

  170. ASHOK

    Sir…please give me 6 subjects sir I’m promoting the final year plz sir

  171. rakesh mk

    sir plz get carry over system for us because syslabus was ver tuff when compared to last year so plz plz plz plz plzplz plzplz do this work as soon as possible plz sir i am requesting gou to get this carry over system for us

  172. pavan

    sir,pls don’t delay… give 6sub carry over.. classes r started…. syllabus also changed so…

  173. yashwanth

    Frnds plZ information kodi 9036210380 this my number

  174. rajesh

    Sir plz give us 8 sub carryover..

  175. Gnanesh

    Sir please its our humble request please give the 8 carry over sir nanu kelkolod iste ide jagadalli nim makkalu idre ege irthidra illa carry over kottu munde kalusthidra nen ellaranthe students jagadalli ninthu heli please sir carry over kodi

  176. nagesh

    respected sir really we need 10 sub carry over system this year those who’s have failed more than 4 sub because if washout they have to study the new syllabus after study two years in old syllabus this want be possible and please bring the carry over system of 10 sub this year because this is the last year old syllabus will be studied please requesting your sir to give us 10 sub carry over system in a week so do not time waste classes are started quickly announced the carry over system and save the students life many students are suffering please announced the fast ‘dte director sir ‘ &’prencepaul Secretary sir’ also the higher education minister please take this decision & save the many students life plz plz

  177. Kavya

    Sir, when ll announce carry over…? Atleast tell me it ll come o not?

  178. Rakesh

    Please Please allow the carryon 10 or less than 10 subjects….that’s good for students feature life…

  179. vinay

    Plz give me 5 subject carry over…Plz sir

  180. lakshman

    hi… sir i am lakshman pls give atleast 6 or 8 carry over pls pls pls sir

  181. sandeep

    sir plz give 10 for all we need to complete final year sir plzz . age also wasting sir plz sir give 10 sir….WE DONE WRONG SIR WE MUST STYDY WELL BUT WE DINT STUDIED …THIS TIME WE WILL PASS SIR SO PLZ GIVE 10..SUB ELEGY SIR ALL WILL CME FOR CLG

  182. Ajit

    Sir began 12sub kodi

  183. ABVP

    ABVP contact NO…

  184. Archana

    pls delay maadbedi…. already classes start Aagide…. pls pls 6 sub carry over kodi..

  185. Abhi

    pls, introduce carry over system to final year students…

  186. shivu

    Sir please give to 10 carry over please sir i will hambel requst sir please

  187. Muataq

    Govt. Should give Minimum any 10 because the syllbas is changing if not the students will suffer there whole life…..

  188. praveen

    frnds yellaru seri bengalore board munde strike madona date fix madkolona 25/7/2016 or 26/7/2016 e date ga yelru serona interest eroru gyaranti bengalore ga baroru matra cal madi prathi jille inda 10jana seridre saaku 7795050792 please nimgoskara niv strike ga banni e varsha nav sumnadre next year tumba kasta padthivi frnds pls yochne madi strike adre carry kotte kodthare..

  189. Vishnu badaganvi

    Plz give me 6 subjects carry sir

  190. Vishnu badaganvi

    Plz give Sir 6 carry system

  191. Vishnu badaganvi

    Plz give me sir 6 subjects carry system

  192. arun

    Pzzz give 6 carry over

  193. manju s

    Frnd’s contact a ABVP

  194. Vishnu badaganvi

    plz give me 10 carry over system my number 8197406352

  195. Shruti

    Guys any news Abt carry over…?

  196. sanjee

    Contact ABVP…

  197. hema

    – plus.google.com/+NarendraModi….ed prime minister modi avrd google plus follow madi thn hangout al direct txt madi…
    Narendramodi1234@gmail.com edu gmail accocunt direct mail madi nd twitter nd fb ede nim comment al aaki.guys don’t waste time do something..

  198. Vishnu badaganvi

    10 carry beku plz sir

  199. ASHOK

    Carry over yavaga announce madthare antha gothidre date helthira frnds

  200. manju

    Frnd’s contact ABVP 080-23366456

  201. sunilram

    guys Wednesday means 27-07-2016 DTE board near strike madthedhive pls support madi contact 8549072143

  202. praveen

    hai frnds pls read… mandya distic diploma students already wednesday bengalore board li strike madoke vyavasthe madkondidare avru yelargu helidare so nann uru haveri so haveri bankapur mundagod laxmeshwara gadag hubli belagavi bagalakote othe distic frnds pls just mis cal gyaranti baroridre nan cal madtini please artha madkoli nam jivana bavisha kapadkoloke nav bengalore ge hogle beku dayavittu yelru banni wednesday final madkonde uriga barona wedness day 11am ge strike erathe so niv tuesday night bengalore ge barok ready aagi banni mis madkobedi e sari chance mis madkondre nam life halagodu gyaranti syllabus change agide

  203. praveen

    Praveen haveri 7795050792 pls e number ge gyaranti baror matra mis call madi other persons dont call artha madkolri obru ibru hodre strike agalla yelru hodre yelra jivana save aagathe dont mis this golden appartunity

  204. yash

    yavaga carry over kododu bro plz tell me frnds

  205. yash

    sir plz tell me ur save student life. plz plz plz plz sir/madam

  206. vikas kumar

    Sir please give to 10 carry over please sir i will hambel requst please

  207. praveen

    ok yelru wedness day banni bengalore board ge pls mis madbedi strike madona nammelaarigoskara 27/7/2016confirm nanu kuda nann frnds karkond barthini

  208. praveen

    then hema avru helida prakara nam hemmeya pradhan manthrigalu narendra modi ji avrige gmail madi nan madidini thanks hema avre

  209. nagesh

    diploma students ge full carry over paddati jari maduvante rit arjiyannu vicharisid high court justice A S Bhoopanna avaridda pithavu vicharane Nadesi karnatak state gov’t ge 2014 ge notice jari golisittu hechhin students galu grameen pradesh dinda kaliyoke bartare avarige sariyad carry over system kodadidre sankashta eduraguttade nereya andhra & tamilnadu galalli sampoorna carry over system jariyallide endu sarkarakke nirdeshan nidittu ee paddati jarigolisi anta high court helidru sarkar jarigetandilla karnatak private polytechnic association vidyarthigalu we arjiyannu sallisiddaru edu 2014 ra prajavani news paper nalle odidde adakaran ‘dte board’ or ‘karnatak sarkar’ kudale tirmanakke barabek vidyarthi gal jivana dalli at a Adodanna bittu bedike ederisabeku a ntha dte & sarkarakke nanen manavi

    1. Karthi

      Yentha adru vishya gothu aitha bro

  210. Shivaraj bandigi

    Please give me at least 6 sub carry over sir, already class is start sir

  211. pavan

    guys I asked to ma principal, he told tat it ll out come… lost all hopes…. not getting any thing…..

  212. Prashant

    Frnd’s let’s cm Bengaluru…
    We want carry over system 10 subject’s or12..

  213. Ajit

    Sir give at last 12 sub to all

  214. anil

    Ya sir,,….plzzz we need carry over system,, just think about us sir…

  215. sahil

    sir every student want to become a educated person just give them a chance to fly sir all is in ur hand only plz plz plz sir just make a carry over system sir …….plz plz plz students have more dreams about studies sir they want to enter in to final year sir plz pzl give us one chance sir make carry over system kindly requesting sir

  216. Arun

    guys ,today everybody join n strike at 10am n diploma board…

  217. Nithin

    2 weeks passed…. But the Carryover Not announced…

  218. vishnu badaganvi

    Plz give sir 10 Carry over system Sir plz plz sir

  219. Sneha

    Yenadru carry over information kodi

  220. Karthi

    Plz guyz any information carry over system plz call this no 9611613137

    1. Uzair

      2 weeks passed…. But the Carryover Not announced…
      Plzz look at our lives also. Kindly give carry overs.

  221. roshan

    Sir plz make 6 bachlock

  222. gagan

    Sir plz make 6 bachlock

  223. Jayapal

    Respected sir plese give 13 sub carry over system in pls pls pls

  224. Shivaraj

    Please give me 6 sub carry over system. Please fast announce madri because already class is started sir please

  225. AK

    plz guy’s come out n do strike then they ill gave a carry over plz all come out and we all make some strike come guy’s we want carry over so plz help them all students who r sitting in tr hme plz help them all students

  226. Nik

    Plz give me information what you know about carry over system 9481954866

  227. Sushant

    Frnd’s cm pls we do strike pls frnd’s ur cmt ll not work

  228. Manju

    Sir plzzz give atleast 6 carry over..

  229. hema

    (Cell Numbers Of Hon’ble Judges Of Karantaka High Court as in ……)guys edna search madi karnataka high court justice number…ge comment aaki… niv dte…ge apply madtiro comment…na avr number..ge msg send madidre direct high court…ge reach agutte so plz snd madi….guy’s i’m rqstng u …..

  230. Sne

    Avrge msg madodrinda problem agalva hema avre

  231. sharan

    guys ,pls contact higher education minister nd req to carry over….

  232. balu

    ha but where strike
    plz carry over and any8 so plz give mi rules

  233. sharan

    guys, contact to education minister nd req him….

  234. Sne

    Carry over du yenadru information edre heli pzzzz

  235. sharan

    guys, try to contact education minister nd req them…

  236. Ganesh

    Sir plz make carry on subjects so tht all the students lk me and my frnds all over Karnataka may complete thy diploma and gt the job plz plz sir

    If thy did argue thn I inform to all the students cm lts mk strike towards the board of diploma to mk it yar

  237. sunil

    frnds nav yella sathru carryover kodalla this is suprim court order so time and money weast carry beku andhre karantaka all polytechnic s Clg bandh hagbeku and b.lore ge all students bandh DTE athra strike madbeku so support edhre madno

  238. Vishnu badaganvi

    Plz sir 10 carry kodi plz class started agi 2 week aithu plZ order madi began plz sir don’t waist time

  239. pravee

    sariyada strike mado date annonce madri frnds nav kuda bartheve bengalore ge

  240. Omkar pujari

    sir please give 8subjects carry on.It’s our future

  241. Sneha

    Pls yela strike madana guys all polytechnics clg bandh madle beku ela yesto students life halaguthe students power yenu antha yelarigu gothagbeku pls yaradru eli leader agi nd strike madoa

  242. anup

    Please give carryover

  243. hema

    Vry funny…niv strike madok odre elru bartare antha think madbedi jst manel kuthkond comment madtare aste.atlst high court judge…ge higher education minister basavaraj sir….ge nd rakshana vedike banglr evrd contact madoku try madalla.evr strike madok bartara..yaro obru higher education minister basavaraj sir ge msg madidre avr edar bagge think madalla..

    1. NITHIN

      Is their any chances fr getting carryover….
      Plz give us 8

  244. samim

    I thinks this year carry is not given…… So friends what is your answer???? Plzz tell me

  245. Sne

    Monday freedom park strike ede please yela banni 1/8/2016 plssssssss

  246. diploma students

    strike on monday 01-08-2016
    to bring carry over system for all Karnataka diploma students
    @ 10 am in freedom park Bangalore
    more information 9008120252,9036369968

  247. sharan

    sure v ll come….

  248. sharan

    pls … contact to abvp also….nd tell who taking leadership…

  249. diploma students

    strike on monday 01-08-2016
    to bring carry over system for all Karnataka diploma students
    @ 10 am in freedom park Bangalore
    contacts : 9036369968,9986156713,9663479474,

  250. manju

    Frnd’s also call ABVP.. 080-23366456

  251. Prashant

    Frnd’s pls cm strike other wise u loss 1 year..

  252. yashwanth

    frnds all r come diploma board Monday strike on 10am.

  253. Baldwinian

    Guys is the strike gonna happen?? because i heard many times that a strike will take place but no notifications are seen on any websites.But guys do let us know if the strike takes place even we will take part(plz reply us back)

  254. Okay we ll cme nd guy’s don’t give up.

  255. Sushant

    Hello frnd’s ur doing strike don’t know many students so how they ll come.. so this mater publishe.. Use the Facebook, WhatsApp..i ll publishe on my Grp u also do frnd’s pls..

  256. Strike mado munche abvp avrd help thagoli nd infm madi.ABVP 08023366456-08023566389.banglr rakshana vedike avrge infm madidre pakka hlp madtare KRV +919741335744,+919242691385

  257. diploma students

    frnds pls come tmrw morng at 10 am in diploma board sjp Clg in any information fr cal 90 36 369968

  258. Sushant

    Hello frnd’s ur doing strike don’t know many students so how they ll come.. So this mater publishe.. Use the Facebook, WhatsApp.. I ll publishe on my Grp u also do frnd’s pls..

  259. Vishnu badaganvi

    Frds strike madidare tv&paper nali news. Barbeku. Hanga madabeku

  260. kumara

    Karnataka rakshana vedike and dalitha saghatani help thagooli avaaga guarantee carry over koodthari…

  261. Praveen

    kastakke karibedi utakke maribedi annoru nam karnatakada jana..
    anil avre kodalla bidrappa antha comment madidiralla akasmath carry kotre nimg manasakshi atava swabimana annodu swalpnadru idre niv admishn madisbedi ok thanks

  262. Praveen

    comments madodu bidri friends…idu just time pass goskara comment madodalla nam bavishkoskara madtirodu dayavittu nim nim college li sangatanegal sahaya tagondu strike madi

  263. sachin

    Plz give 10sub cary over sir……..

  264. hema

    High court secretary bopanna- 9448289006
    High court justice anand-9448289007
    High court justice ramesh -9448289033
    Anil kumar- 9650339039…!!
    Atlst evrge carry over bagge msg send madi .

  265. hema

    plz introduce at least 8 carry over 4r final year’s…..

  266. hema

    Higher education principal secretary bharath – 9448282772…

  267. sahara

    guys evathu yake yaru sjp hathra erlila plz nija e sari strike madidre carry over kodo chance jasthi ede plzzzz strike madi plz

  268. praveen

    hemaa avre niv hennu..bengalore ga bandu strike madoke support madadidru manele edkondu e tara numbers adress kodtidiralla thanks ri…nimd yav uru and yen madbeku anth suggetion kodtira carry bagge heli yenadru ideas idre

  269. Vishnu badaganvi

    Sir 10 carry order madi plz

  270. hema

    Nivgal just naan send madiro numbers…ge daily carry over bagge ond 3 msg send madididru enadru good or bad news barod ansutte..

  271. sanju

    Pls frnd’s give any information about carry over system… Pls pls…

  272. Prashant

    Sir Plz Carry Over System Up to 10..it will help all the Students.

  273. Vishnu badaganvi

    OK hema avare

  274. Abhishek S

    sir we all asking u to extend u. the carry over of this year atliest 10 sir we all are waiting for good news plz save 1 years of waste sir plz announce the news early plz sir

  275. sharan

    guys… still not gt any clue Abt carry over… what’s ur next move….

  276. sanju

    Frnd’s cm let’s strike DHARWAD or BELGAVI…Our our district we do strike…

  277. Rakesh

    Plz sir carry over 6 or more plz

  278. Udupi side 3 months munche elru strike madidare just 50 members aste ade big news agi news paper elladaral try madidare..nam banglore side avrg en agide omg..

  279. 50 members saku neat aagi paper channel avrge infm madi half day strike madok agalva hudgarge ??
    Next month carry over cancel antha heltare aste…….


    sir we all asking u to extend u. the carry over of this year atliest 10 sir we all are waiting for good news plz save 1 years of waste sir plz announce the news early plz sir Frnd’s cm let’s strike in HUBLI dharwad……. .. …

  281. HassanRaza

    sir we all asking u to extend u. the carry over of this year atliest 10 sir we all are waiting for good news plz save 1 years of waste sir plz announce the news early plz sir Frnd’s cm let’s strike Dharwad HUBLI…….

  282. chowdappa.D

    plzzz gve me sir 10 carry over

  283. chowdappa.D

    sir Nan obba poor student diploma mugskondu yalli adru 1 job hogona adre year back agidhe sir nam anta poor student life jothe ata adthera sir plzzz sir evaga ero sayallbus ne odoke agalla nxt year New sayallbus ege odbeku plzzz gve me 10 subject carry over

  284. ajith

    Sir plz give me a 6carry over for final yr…plzzzzz sir

  285. student..

    He’ll frnd’s 2012 ralli 25 students high court nalli carry over beku anta case hakidaru avarige judge avaru 10 or 14subject carry over kotidaru.. So we do it same process…..?

  286. diploma student

    frnds DTE endha carryover kodalla niv yest request madudhru carry kodallla so one year job madi or yavdhru course madi aste DTE avrn nambukondu erbedi k so pls go create ur new life

  287. dplma student

    Frnds namge carry over kododilla ante bte avru helidru 08022266985 ge cl madi keli frnds

  288. ASHOK

    Students kasta avrge artha agala bidra pa

  289. student

    Guys one year waste madkond avr heldag new life create madkolod avrinda helsko beka…guys pakka yar bartare strike…ge avr number thagoli..one year waste madod bittu one day strike madi.guyz plz don’t give up yar

  290. student

    309 comment madidiralla atlst 50 members..ge strike mado capacity ilva..naven kelbard keltidiva, bere state al en strike madine carry over kottidara..carry over kodalla antha bte avr helok agalla adna decide madi helod high court judge Bopanna sir..bereyavar confidence yak sumne kadme madtira @ (diploma student)

  291. hema

    Student comment madya diploma student antha name aaki nagative nd fake aagi comment aakod first stop madi dte avru…….

  292. karthi

    pls 10sub carry over madi sir.
    adashtu bega pls…..

  293. rakshith

    Nanu diploma student kotta no ge cl madide adre avru kodalla govt jote keli andru yaradru keli frends nan dhakshina kannadadava bnglore ge bandu keloke kasta

  294. Vishnu badaganvi

    First DTE bord munde bandu strike madudanu kaliri frds yaru barlilla Andre niu yalla hedigalu ela Andre strike madoke bani DTE bord ge

  295. Praveen

    whatsapp group creat madidivi carry over strike mado bagge..10ne date olage strike madoridivi so pls add madkotini nim number just msg madi dayavittu yelru strike ga banni 7353776949

  296. Praveen

    10ne date olage strike madtivi adar date kuda announce madtivi pls nivelru nim nim bavishkoskara banni one varsha time yestu laksha duddu kodtivi andru sigolla

    1. NITHIN

      Date heli nanu strike ge bartini

  297. ASHOK

    Frnds carry over kodthara evru kotrunu yavaga kodthare enu class start agi two weeks aythu

  298. Eric

    Guys this is our last chance if v keep on neglecting v won’t get carry overs vl strike or at least write a notice to the court. vll try if v get carry overs well and good if v don’t get let them only keep their carry overs to themselves but its worth the try cause our life is on the line plzzzzz inform me in my class out of 35 students only 7 are eligible and r going 4 class my no.9480500202 plzz co operate guys vll make a change…..yours faithfully Eric

  299. basavraj

    please give us 8 carryovers

  300. basavraj

    bagalkot boys call me 7406657335 for carry over

  301. washout boy's

    Pls sir 10 subject carry over give us….

  302. Prashant

    Sir pls 10 subject carry over give….

  303. maning

    08/08/2016 ge strike madta edivi dte board munde at 10 am plz all of u cm spprt us guys this is for our future

  304. Vishnu badaganvi

    Nale yalaru bani plz DTE bord munde strike ede call me 8197406342

  305. ASHOK

    Nale yalru strike maddoke dte board athra banni frnds plz plz plz

  306. Gowtham

    Guys government dent accepted,, plz Com on we will strike or else they will not give us more backup 9480237711 this is my number

  307. karthi

    sir pls give us atleast 6 sub carryover…… plss…

  308. karthi

    nale bnglr alli strike a

  309. Prasad

    We got a send message together to PM office . Does any one knows please help ..?

  310. ASHOK

    Frnds carry over bage enadru gothidre heli frnds

  311. Parshuram

    Ishtella tondre anbhavistidare studensu yarobba adhikharinu care madtilla..

  312. thilesh

    Nale 10/8/16 (10:00AM) mangalore nali strike madthideve DC office yeduru plz frnds supprt madi plz plz

  313. anonymous

    Guyzz ABVP is not supprtng I calld to ABVP dey r tellin it’s from high court nd it vll not change. ..dey told if u do strike also no use… so u can appeal to high court dey told if u need

  314. Parshuram

    Friends pleas yargadru carry over bagge gottidre heli pls

    1. parashu

      23-08-2016 12 AM meeting ide thanthrik shishkana ilaakhe enadru try madabeku

  315. sunil ram

    parashu yen meeting yenu sariyagi heli

  316. Manoj

    Sir give 8black logs

  317. Parshuram

    Friends take this number it is Basavaraj Raireddi sir number cl him immediately 9845066326 idnadru madi

  318. parashuram

    Friends take this number it is Basavaraj Raireddi sir number cl him immediately 9845066326 idnadru curectagi madi plsssss dont wast time

  319. no name

    Mr Rv deshpande how Com u became education minister… U don’t think of our life… We really hate India high Cort who won’t support use… At list give 5 back up some students can go to college….

  320. indro

    Friends how many carry over in this year????

  321. diploma

    frnds Nam Karnataka dhli system sariella and yav minister gu heart Ella nam antha students ge help madalla adhe avr minister adhre avr help madkondu changi erthre Nam kasta na artha madkolke papaa avrge time Ella kandru

  322. student's

    Sir just 6sub kodakaglva nimge final years students ge yak sir one year waste madstira sumne students du bega announce madi sir plz

  323. Ajay

    sir plzzzzz give 6 carry over system

  324. Diploma

    Sir please give 7 back locks…

  325. Students

    Sir please give 7 back locks sir…

  326. ROHIT

    Sir plz give 6 carry over

  327. Parshuram

    Dr frnds…Pls don’t comment, Call him to higher education minnister Mr.Basavaraj Rayareddi sir 9845066326 this number is Education minister number.. Call him again,and again. Pls frnds don’t neglect.

  328. pk

    Dear friends parashuram avaru kotta number currectagide cal madi kelide 23-08-2016 meeting ide antha avattu carry over system charche madtharanthe nivu again and again cal madi plssssssd

  329. Abiii

    please sir, please understand my problems syllabus are changed ,its hard to study & one year gap ,please gave carry over to this academic year #2016 for promoting 2nd year to final year and this batch will output. please please solve all diploma students problem ,we are respecting you sir.

  330. no name

    Pk give ur number

    1. pk


  331. ZMR

    nav strike madudre carry over pakka kodthare RV result banda nanthara carry over koduva sadyathe tumba ede so navu strike madudre carry over pakka kodthare frds yallaru seri strike madlebeku

  332. sahab

    Plzzzzzz sir given 10 carry over in this year

  333. kavya

    now what ever students as said its really true
    why this people are not understanding
    because of this lectures only we all are suffering soo much
    if they come and do the class we all are not struggling soo much
    because of them our life has been
    in 5 days they should announce the carry over
    orelse we should waste are time n attendance also
    plsss give carry over we can complete final year
    otherwise thn once again new syllabus
    plssssssssssssssssss give carry over

  334. kavya

    plsssssssssssssssssss sir give 5 subjects sir
    then i can go to 5th sem
    in 5 days announce sir
    thn we can attend the class
    plssssssssssssss sir

  335. santosh pmohithe

    sir mi,age last chance idu nivu 4 tarik wolage carryon midallilawendare nanu poison tindubiduwe urusullemaklu

    1. dte awara awana thulu

      badale santosh

  336. anusha

    pls sir……… give carry over

  337. kavya

    plsssssssss sir give carry over

  338. kavya

    give the result sir
    plsssssss give carry over
    thn we can attend the classes sir
    plsssssssssss sir

  339. arun

    plez giv carry over plez sir

  340. diploma

    14/9/16 randhu vidhnashodha li carryover meeting edhe yella district endha banni pls

    1. kavya

      at wt time sir
      student should also come

    2. student

      Meeting enaytu sir

  341. kavya

    plsssssssssssssssssss sirgive carry over

  342. kavya

    sir plssssss give carry over
    from next year new syllabus will come
    if you give carry over then we can attend the class sir
    plssss understand sir
    we should get ready for particals and theorey
    we have very less time to get through if your making delay
    soooo now only give carry over sir
    then we can get ready for back subjects and this semister subjects
    plssssssssssssssssss give carry over sirrrrrrrrrr

  343. anusha

    sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr pls give carry over

  344. kavya

    sirrr wt happened that carry over

    1. Deepu

      Elru yak sumne edira nam jeevane hal agtide 1subject goskara 1yr wait madbeka elru plz strike madi

  345. vasanth

    Sir plz carry over sir plz

  346. student

    Plz sir kodi sir

  347. student

    Plz bega announce madi innu 2 months ide exam ge allit tanaka prepare agtivip pls sir

  348. student

    Exam date announced so…….no carry

  349. sanj

    Sir pls give 10 subject carry….

  350. amogh

    Sir this is the last request plz give carryover…….

  351. navi

    Sir plz this is last request

  352. Deepu

    Carry over baralwa yargadru information gotidre heli plz

  353. Deepu

    Heng sumne edre carry over barala elru life spoil agute

  354. Deepu

    Elru eg sumne edre life waste agtide alert agi strike madi ela hengadru nam kasta arta hagohang madi carry over kodtare heng sumne edre barala

  355. Deepu

    Eg elru sumne kutre carry barala elru enadru madi plzzzzz

  356. abhishek

    sir plese give 8carry .attend the 5th sem plese sir completed one year

  357. diploma

    kotra carryover na kodalla Antha gothu DTE avrge and education minister ge kodu mansu Ella avru manusyrlla nam jeva thaklo Yama avru

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